About me

My favorite part about my job is meeting my clients and getting to know them on a personal level. I get to spend time getting to know who they are separately, individually, and finally as a couple and then reflect that in their wedding style. Planning an event is like putting a very detailed puzzle together and I enjoy every aspect of it. I want the engaged couple to enjoy this moment of being engaged and help take some of the stress of wedding planning from them so they can focus on the bigger picture, their love for one another.


I have always enjoyed helping my family & friends plan their own weddings, birthday parties, and holiday get togethers. After careful thought, I finally made the decision to become a certified wedding planner and then create my own wedding and event planning business so I could help others plan their dream wedding or even their soon to be one year olds, birthday party. Whatever the event is I would love to help you!


The Small Details

As I mentioned earlier, I'm a little obsessive with my attention to detail and a tad ocd. I like to make sure everything is perfect and in its perfect spot, that might mean moving something around twenty times until it is right. I don't stop until I am completely satisfied with the finished product.